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      Adultos maduros, Determinantes y Salud. [1]
      aged; anxiety; Article; clinical practice; dysarthria; human; insomnia; slowness; weakness [1]
      aged; dental health; elderly care; health care access; human; Letter; mouth; public health; health; health care delivery; health care policy; Peru [1]
      Anemia; Iron; iron supplements [1]
      Arcgis, Municipalidad, Paneles publicitarios, SIG. [1]
      arthralgia; conjunctivitis;fluid intake; human; infection control; Letter; maculopapular rash; microcephaly; mosquito bite; neurologic disease; newborn; pregnant woman; public health; virus transmission; Zika fever; Zika virus; climate change; epidemic; female; international cooperation; male; Peru; pregnancy; pregnancy complication; public policy; South and Central America; transmission; travel related disease; Zika fever [1]
      Article; carbon footprint; climate change; developing country; government; health care planning; human; medical society; non communicable disease; Peru; developing country; public health [1]
      Benchmarking, Gestión, Liderazgo, Marketing, Mype, TICs [1]
      bibliographic database; human; psychology; publication; South and Central America [1]
      Bibliometrics; Research; Saudi Arabia [1]
      cannabinoid, consumer, drug marketing, human, letter [1]
      Carcinoma; Squamous Cell; Papillomavirus Infections; oropharyngeal cancers [1]
      Child; Child Nutrition Disorders; Child, Preschool; Geographic Information Systems; Health Information Systems; Obesity; Peru [1]
      child; childhood obesity; comorbidity; human; malnutrition; Peru; preschool child [1]
      Cliente, RUP, Servicio, Sistema informático Web, TIC. [1]
      Clima organizacional, Satisfacción de los docentes y MYPES [1]
      competencias genéricas, conocimiento, habilidades sociales. [1]
      Contabilidad, financiamiento, capacitación, rentabilidad. [1]
      control interno, entidades. [1]
      Control interno, inventarios, empresas. [1]