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dc.contributor.authorGuarniz Flores, María
dc.contributor.editorUniversidad Católica Los Ángeles de Chimbote
dc.description.abstractEnglish is the language of International communication, because it is the official language in about 53 countries and it is spoken by around 400 million people according to the British Council, 2020. Also, English gives access to the internet and could be to opening up employment opportunities, to know more about diverse cultures, places and lifestyles, watch many films, TV shows, read books and meet people from around the world. Many of our university students will need English to get their diploma or understand people from other countries where English is spoken, that's why this book has fourteen lessons to get students practice the language in different situations, greet people, introducing themselves, learn about grammar and many other activities. The purpose of English Loves Boundaries is to contribute to get basic knowledgements for beginner students in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, also in reading and writing tasks, but the most important to learn English step by step with full motivated and colorful picture beginning from simple present, modal can until simple past of the verb to-be. The more proficient you are, the better you can express yourselfes_ES
dc.publisherUniversidad Católica los Ángeles de Chimbotees_ES
dc.sourceUniversidad Católica Los Ángeles de Chimbotees_ES
dc.titleENGLISH Ies_ES
dc.identifier.journalFondo Editorial de la Universidad Católica Los Ángeles de Chimbotees_ES

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